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5 Best Snow And Ice Melt Alternatives

What is the best way to melt snow/ice? 🧊🥶

The result of a snowstorm can cause many inconveniences. It becomes even worse after the snow plow has done its work, leaving your driveway with a mountain of snow. You may contemplate whipping out a snow shovel, snow blower, snow plow or even the typical store bought rock salt and ice melt.  

One widespread practice every winter is the use of rock salt in melting snow. Salt decreases the freezing point of water, forcing the snow to melt and preventing re-freezing. It’s a quick, fairly cheap, and effective method. But, what happens if you can’t find any??  I’ve got you covered with 5 alternatives that work just as good (If not better!) than the typical melting methods.  

**Warning: based on your placement of snow/ice removal, your outcome may vary.  Use your best judgement of methods to use.  Keep in consideration of who or what will come into contact with your selected removal method.  (Ex: pets may be sensitive to certain methods).

Method 1: 50/50 Epson Salt & Granulated Sugar— no liquid needed just apply dry mixture!

Method 2: Cooking Salt— Cooking salt works in a ‘pinch’ when you cant find rock salt for snow removal.  I have used Pink Himalayan Rock Salt from TJMAXX.

Method 3: Hot Water, Dawn Dish Soap & Rubbing Alcohol— Half a gallon of hot water, a few squirts of Dawn Dish Soap and 1/4 cup of Rubbing Alcohol will create a perfect mixture to melt snow/ice and help keep it from refreezing. 

Method 4: 50/50 Warm Water & White Vinegar— just like method one except this is a wet version alternative that may melt snow a lot faster.

Method 5: Evaporated Feed Mix Salt— This is our method of choice, however this method may be harder for the everyday individual to find without a feed store near by.  We believe this Salt method works 10x better than normal rock salt.  

I hope you found this guide helpful! If you did, be sure to share it and comment below with any ice melt questions!

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