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6 Reasons For Students To Enroll In FFA This Year

FFA is raising tomorrow’s community leaders. FFA teaches essential leadership skills that last a lifetime.

I am proud to have been on the Shelby County Kentucky FFA Officer Team, graduating out while President of the chapter.

FFA led me to be confident, capable, healthy and knowledgeable. FFA helped shape me into the person I am today, has opened several doors for me, and helped me narrow down on my calling in life. In school I majored in Agriculture Communications, Animal Science and Horticulture. FFA has been positively influencing future generations, like me, for more than 90 years!
School is starting very soon here in Kentucky! Here are 6 reasons to enroll in an agricultural education class and FFA.

1. Cattle are not required, and neither are boots. A matter of fact, NO agricultural experience is needed but FFA will be sure to give you knowledge in Agriculture.

2. All students (city, rural, shy, outgoing, athletic and musical) are encouraged to join. There’s something to learn for everyone. FFA gives students a chance to meet people from around the world, compete in contests, and gives them self confidence.

3. FFA encourages healthy living. FFA provides education about food, where it comes from, how to keep it safe and being environmentally friendly.

4. There is not winning or losing record, but as a member you are still a part of a team. FFA has multiple competitive contests focusing on career, life and agricultural development. This could include; environmental and natural resources, horticulture, food science, ag communications and even farm business management. Speaking contests, stock shows and skills tests also help build good sportsmanship among peers.

5. FFA students learn by doing. Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs) provide students hands-on learning that teaches through home life, entrepreneurship, internship or job placement; research or experimentation; and even exploring new career opportunities. Completing SAEs reserves kids the right to learn time management, develop a work ethic, how to set goals, and important life skills.

6. FFA is raising tomorrow’s community leaders. Even if you live in a city, aren’t from a farm and may even doubt you’ll choose a career in agriculture, FFA teaches essential leadership skills that last a lifetime.

WHAT YOU PUT INTO FFA YOU WILL RECEIVE BACK TENFOLD! (Plus you’re guaranteed to find life long friendships with like minded people) This was one of my mottos when residing as President to the members and newcomers. The possibility is endless as long as the effort is there.


Are you or have you been an FFA Member in the past? Tell me below how FFA changed your life!

-Sophia Brown
Former Shelby County KY FFA President
Sweet Maple Living, Creator/Owner

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