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Dry Feet In The Summer?

Typically when you think about dry skin you think of winter weather drying you out and chapping your skin, but for me I have noticed this summer my skin, especially my legs and feet being super dry.  And no one likes the feeling or the look of dry skin... my conclusion is that summer time may be worse than winter for me particularly because of my constant sandal wearing along with being barefoot in the garden grounding out.  

I received my Fab Fit Fun subscription box yesterday and let me tell you, I have ALREADY fallen in love with the Tarocco Foot Cream in the scent of Sicilian Blood Oranges (FUN FACT: Blood Orange Lemonade is my fav!).  Typically when I use a lotion or a cream to hydrate my skin especially focusing on my legs and feet it will take few applications to make it feel a difference.  However when I used this cream I automatically saw and felt a dramatic difference. 

If this issue sounds like something you are currently dealing with in these hot summer months I definitely recommend giving this foot cream a try.  Thank you Fab Fit Fun for introducing me to this product!  

HERE is the direct link to purchase Tarocco Foot Cream Sicilian Blood Orange, or if you’ve never tried Fab Fit Fun Subscription box give it a try HERE with my discount code.  You won’t be disappointed as you get several full size products right to your door step 4 times a year that are curated just for you based on your profile with a value of $200+ retail and you only pay $49.99 (without using my discount code).  

Have a lovely weekend friends!
XOXO Sophia 

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