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Finishing of Waylon’s Dresser and Organization

Original Post January 26, 2019 

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This past week I have FINALLY finished Waylon's dresser in his nursery and couldn't be happier. I purchased his 9 door dresser off of the Offersup app over a year ago. This under $70 find was originally stained a cherry wood color. We sanded it down and repainted it white with a dark wood stained top. The final product is exactly what I had in mind while planning out our first borns nursery. At a later date I will create a blog post on the details of refinishing his dresser from start to finish.
The final step to finishing his dresser was applying drawer pulls. Since we will be changing over all of our nickel hardware in our home over to antique bronze, I decided to get a head start with his dresser. If antique bronze isn't your style that is fine, this is just what I prefer!
While finishing his dresser we were on a budget and couldn't afford $6 per pull so when I located this pack of 10 handles at The Home Depot I hit jackpot!
I love that this pack came with 2 lengths of screws. This vintage dresser has thinner drawer fronts so we were able to use the shorter screws.
I am obsessed with the overall outcome of this dresser! It is everything I had dreamed of.
To apply the drawer pulls I had to remove everything from the dresser to screw them on, what a perfect opportunity to Marie Kondo organize! Speaking of Marie, have you watched her new Netflix series? Having a clean ,organized, functional, home makes this momma happy! Yes, even a newly stocked and straightened drawer full of our favorite diapers brings me joy.
Instead of having our bathroom cabinets overflowing with backup supplies, we have created a designated drawer for extras. The Honest Company Lavender Shampoo & Lotion are our favs! They are natural, hypoallergenic, and non-greasy also infused with lavender for a calming post-wash feeling, which we LOVE. Our next top favorite is the Baby Dove line, it’s a tad bit more budget friendly than our first pick. Also, Baby Dove is hypoallergenic, pH neutral, and moisturizing.
My favorite thing about his dresser is that it is now super functional. Using the Marie Kondo folding method I am able to fit so much more into Waylon's drawer than before. Everything is very organized and lined up so I can see exactly what I want to pull out versus digging through a drawer leaving everything unfolded, especially when in a rush.
The last drawer I tackled was Waylon's toy drawer. I loathe clutter, so putting in 2 baskets to help organize has made a huge difference. These baskets are very budget friendly from Target and come in multiple colors and sizes.
Waylon's dresser now brings me joy instead of being a catch all for junk. Have you tried the Marie Kondo organizing method? I’d love to hear!
Sophia Brown
Sweet Maple Living

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