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How To Hang Wreaths On Exterior Windows With Screens

If you follow me along on Instagram @sweetmapleliving you may have saw my DIY wreath hangers that we rigged up to use this Christmas season on our home. Now that we had the wreaths up for about 9 weeks and not a single one of them blew away or moved off I feel it’s safe to share this trick on my blog as well and can assure you I will use this DIY for years to come. 

I purchased this very old farmhouse in mid summer of this past year and have always adored that very tall windows. When Christmas season came around the corner I was super excited to hang wreaths all around our home on every single window. I purchased the wreaths for $13 each at our local Walmart as soon as they hit the shelves to assure I would get enough of them for all windows before they sold out. When I brought them home I thought I would use an outdoor command strip on our screens where they connect from top screen to bottom screen, only problem is... this section isn’t maybe an inch tall and no command strips will fit on that small of a surface. 

With the issue in mind listed above we came up with our own intervention of how to get this done on our own. We took a trip to Lowe’s and found a bag of these shown below: 

and put them to the test when we got home. With a little minor bending of them it became the perfect solution to our issue! 
Below is a before and after visual of how the “One Hole Strap” metal pieces should look. 
Before is on the left and After is on the right of how it will look when completed.  

Caleb simply took a set of pliers and bent the flat piece into a 3 sided “hook”. This hook will set right on the midsection of the window screen without having to remove it 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #win. 

Like I mentioned above we had zero issues with these falling off or blowing away. The wreaths sat on them perfectly and didn’t even shift an inch! (We also live on a hilltop where the wind is pretty strong!). I believe I am going to be leaving my hooks up year round to add seasonal decor as I see fit. You could even spray paint them to blend in with the window screen metal if you wanted.  

I really hope you find our DIY wreath hanger tips helpful if you have ran into the same issue as us with full screened in windows and no where to attach a command strip or suction cup! Tag me in a pic @sweetmapleliving if you give this a try!


XOXO, Sophia

Sweet Maple Living



  • Hello! Did you bolt these into place? How did you get them to stay where the picture shows?


  • Thanks for the idea. Been wanting to do this for a couple of years now without removing the window screen completely. Would like to see a photo of the wreath hung up.

    Jan Spitzenberger

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