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Inspiration For The Kentucky Derby

As you know COVID-19 has ruined many things in 2020 including a huge event in Kentucky that happens every single year no matter what, rain or shine, or so we thought until COVID proved us wrong. 

As Kentuckians we joke with each other when someone asks "oh you live in Kentucky, you must love going to the Derby?"  Typically we reply "well we live in Kentucky, we can't afford it"! Haha! Although I personally love the Derby and the event itself and have even attended in person many Kentuckians would rather watch from afar and celebrate in the comfort of their home anyways.  

The Kentucky Derby event was postponed to this coming weekend so to get into the spirit of celebrating all of the athletes and horses I wanted to showcase an artist with you all that may spark your happy and get you in the mood!  The Derby is looking VERY different this year with COVID limiting the number of guests coming into town and now certain people are even complaining about "My Old Kentucky Home" being played before the race begins as it may offend some for what ever reason... it's crazy! 

The artist name is Joanne.  She is the founder and creator of Joanne Y. Pierce Fine Art as well as Pierce The HeArt Lessons. Joanne majored in art education a the State University of New York. Raised in Port Washington, New York and presently living on the east end of Long Island. Joanne loves donating her time and gifts for the promotion of horsemanship, equine rescue, and therapeutic riding programs. And if that isn’t cool enough about her.. she even offers FREE lessons on her YouTube and Instagram TV. 


Every Wednesday at 7 pm ET Joanne offers FREE, fun, educational beginner drawing lessons on Instagram Live and IGTV @piercetheheartlessons. This Saturday on Derby Day she will be hosting a Kentucky Derby Trophy Drawing Lesson on IG Live @piercetheheartlessons 1:00PM ET.  Be sure to check in and learn a few tips!


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