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Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Table Renovation

First off, I am sure you’re asking what is Milk Paint?  Milk Paint is a powdered paint that has been around for thousands of years.  Found in the pyramids in Egypt and on ancient cave paintings.  In America, it has been used on walls, furniture, barns, etc. for years!  I love that the paint is very versatile and can help you achieve a variety of looks from chippy and distressed to smooth and sleek.  

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint is one of many companies whom manufacture this product.  However, I personally fell in love with MMS Milk Paint because of their depth of knowledge and teachings on how to use the product.  As a beginner user this is important to me to help me understand what to expect.  

The piece that I wanted to refinish is a table my grandmother gifted me to place in our kitchen of the new farmhouse.  The table has great character and bones and I frankly love the old wood stain on the bottom half of the table.  However, the top needed some cosmetic repairs.  

The table is thought to be 50+ years old so with that comes several coats of paint, wear and tear and life lived.  When the table arrived it had had a table cloth on it for years to protect the surface from any major damage.  The paint was very rough, old newspapers were stuck to it and the table cloth had left the fuzzy residue from the underneath of it stuck to the paint.  

Fear not!  We tackled this project head first.  I had originally purchased a paint stripper and a scrapper to hopefully get rid of all of the mess and start with a clean slate.  But jokes on me, it wasn’t that easy after all.  I think the only reason I had an issue with that product is because the amount of layers on the table over the years.  After multiple attempts of scrapping the table down with paint remover it just left me with a streaky gunky mess! At this point we broke out the palm sander.  The palm sander did the trick of course and it resulted in a beautiful clean slate!  

The shade of MMS Milk Paint that I used on this project was “Farmhouse White”.  The paint comes in bags as shown above.  This 230g (one quart) bag covers approximately 70 sq ft.  The Milk Paint is REALLY simple and user friendly to use.  You mix the powder with water to a 1:1 ratio.  (One cup of powder, One cup of water).  I found that my 1:1 ratio was a tad watery for my liking so I added a smidge more powder to the mix.  Keep in mind this paint will have a different texture consistency than the normal paint you’d use for these projects.  The consistency is more “Milk” like.  

I did a 3 coat application to get the tabletop to my liking and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!  I finished the project off with MMS Milk Paint’s Furniture Wax (in Lavender Scent!!).  As this paint was applied to a tabletop that we would be regularly eating at and using for various projects I wanted to make sure I sealed the paint to protect it for a longer life.  

We have been using the table for a few weeks with this completed project on it and my opinion of MMS Milk Paint still hasn’t changed, I am very pleased.  We have had everything from slime and coffee to pasta sauce on this surface and it still cleans up nicely.  

If MMS Milk Paint sounds like something you may be interested in trying out for projects, check them out at and on Instagram @mmsmilkpaint. 


XOXO Sophia 
Sweet Maple Living 

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