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Plant NOW For A Fall/Winter Harvest

Did you know, some vegetables are better suited for the colder months?  Cool temperatures enhance the growth and strengthen the flavor.  

Since we missed out on the summer harvest by purchasing this home only a month ago I definitely wanted to jump on the autumn harvest bandwagon!  

We have used Burpee seeds for years... as long as I can remember growing up.  Burpee has a guarantee program where if your seeds don’t grow or turn out like they should they will make it right. The guarantee program is awesome because you have that extra piece of mind when planning out your next season.  There are a lot of variables to creating a successful garden or even flower bed for example; your growing zone, insects/varmints, weather climate, sun/shade, soil levels, seed starting, etc.  


With the autumn season starting soon I definitely wanted to get my seeds started this past weekend so they could begin growing strong before the weather started getting wonky... you know, with the way 2020 is going there’s no telling what to predict.

The 3 seed types I purchased from Burpee to plant are the Moulin Rouge Pansy, Igloo Lettuce, and the De Cicco Organic Broccoli. We are especially excited to see how the broccoli turns out as that will save a ton of money we are spending at the grocery to make one of our favorite dishes, lemon roasted broccoli.

The following items I ordered from Amazon to help make this seeding process smooth ...

1. Jiffy SuperTrive Seed Starter (50 starters)

2. 4 inch Plastic Nursery Garden Stake Tags (100 pieces)

The Jiffy Seed Starter greenhouse tray makes this process super simple and easy to complete especially for those with no greenhouse background. You simply make sure all of the pucks are face up, mix the growing mix packet with a gallon of water, pour the water into the tray.  When you pour the water in the tray you will gradually see the peat filled pucks start to grow.  They will grow a few inches tax when all of the materials finally soak up the water and expand. You can take the tip of a pencil or finger and create a small divit in the dirt to place the seeds.  In each pod you’ll want to place around 2-3 seeds. Make sure you write on the plastic labels the name of what you’re planting so you’re able to identify the plants once they start getting leggy and ready for outdoor transplanting to your garden space.   

It isn’t too late to start your autumn harvest project if this is something you’re interested in, Burpee seed had great turn around time on my order and Amazon was of course 2 days arrival later.  




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