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The BEST Black Leggings You’ll Never Take Off

Especially during quarantine black leggings will remain a wardrobe essential when we actually go out somewhere other than our cozy dwellings.  

I have tried a multitude of black leggings over the years and never found a pair I truly loved or that stood the test of wearing and washing.  Each pair had something wrong that didn’t make me a true fan for example; peeling when washing, too thin they showed skin through them, bulky seams, too much fabric/too long, not a true pitch black, weird fabric that showed every imperfection, etc.

I finally invested in a pair of Faux Leather Leggings from Spanx last year and fell in love with them!! They are cute and stylish and easy to dress up while still feeling snug, secure and comfortable enough to move about.  

I then also wanted a pair of plain black leggings for a different look that were more cozy for everyday wearing.  I ordered multiple through high end retailers and amazon and sent all of them back except THIS one pair!!  I was completely shocked at the quality of these butter smooth black leggings when I opened them in the mail.  The title says “ultra soft” and let me tell you... they are!  They remind me of a Lululemon dupe, which I am TOTALLY here for especially saving the money that would have otherwise been spent on a large price tag.  I ordered my true size for pants (Large) and they fit very comfortable with still stretch left to them, that makes me a happy momma! Unlike many black leggings that are more geared to work out wear, these do not have bulky seams that go down the sides, this is another huge plus for me as that isn’t the look I want for my leggings. 

I overall give both leggings 10/10 stars!  The Spanx Faux Leather Leggings you may want to size up one as they are meant to be super snug to hold you in.  The Amazon leggings like mentioned above are true to size! 

What brand are your favorite pairs of leggings?  I would love to try them out!  


XOXO Sophia 
Sweet Maple Living 


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  • I always wanted to try these, thank you!!!


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