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THE BEST: Pruner's For Everything

Being a former agriculture-horticulture major in high school and having completed various college courses as well, it's no secret I have a passion for being a green-thumb.  Being in a greenhouse or gardening is one of my favorite places to be.  Gardening is an act of love you perform with Mother Earth.  Plants connect us to hope, anticipation, learning, nurturing and the beauty of nature.  

Fun Fact: Getting your hands dirty in the garden can increase your serotonin levels, known as "the happy chemical" in our brains, also a natural anti-depressant and strengthener of our immune system.  

Today, I would love to introduce to you my favorite tool for outdoors to make life just a little bit simpler.  I'm honestly embarrassed to say that I was skeptical of this brand for a few years before I ever gave it a shot... but let me tell you everyone got EZ KUT Brand Tools this past Christmas because they're THAT GOOD and let's not forget to mention they have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE 

The heavy duty professional grade EZ KUT Ratchet Pruner is an all metal (SK5 hardened carbon steel, non stick coated blade) ratcheting pruner meaning NO gumming up, rusting or cheap plastic to chip off and cut your hands when tough work calls.  Can you believe they have 5 X the power of the average conventional shears? I love that they're effortless with a ergonomic comfort grip, especially if you have a lot to cut.

Yes, these are even perfect for arthritis sufferers, carpal tunnel and seniors with weaker hands.  I purchased these for my grandmother for Christmas and knew that would be the real test as she has worked with her hands for many years and suffers from arthritis in both hands.  One of her many passions is tending to her veggies and fruits in the summer months: Okra, Cucumbers, Squash, Tomatoes, Blackberries, Elderberries, Grapes, etc.  My hope would be that she could continue to complete her favorite hobbies effortlessly and she states that these pruners are much better than the other brands and do just that.  

No doubt, #1 rated by Outdoorsman, Hunters, Trail Riders, Farmers, Ranchers and Home + Garden enthusiasts. These pruners can cut up to 1.5 inch and come in 2 colors; hunter green and a pretty pink.  

 If You Love Quality You Will Love EZ KUT Products. I give a 5/5 review! Let me know if you give EZ KUT a try, I'd love to know! 

Green Pruner
Pink Pruner
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Stay tuned for review by Caleb, a Logger and Lumberman, on the one of a kind, EZ KUT G2 Ratcheting Lopper.

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