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The Meaning Behind: Sweet Maple Living

Many do not know, but Sweet Maple Living Blog has been around since 2017 before I gave birth to my son and experienced a very traumatic season in life but only recently have I launched my website again (yes, once again) and started posting more regularly.  Why? Now, in this time of my life this hobby fits into my lifestyle more organically.  

When I started Sweet Maple Living I needed to dip into something to do just for myself.  So, you may ask, ‘well where does the name come from’?

Allow me to back track in life a little bit to owning my first dog. In high school I rescued a UKC Black and Tan/Bluetick Coonhound from an abusive hunter.  Hence where my love for Black and Tan Coonhounds come from, but that’s another story for another day.  At the time of rescuing this pup she was only 4 months old.  We quickly became best friends, she was always stuck to me like Velcro and respected me as I respected her for her past.  I taught her it’s OKAY to eat in front of humans again and to trust me, how to catch a tennis ball, how to respond to simple demands, and even how to use the restroom in the grass.  Little did I know that this pup that I was nurturing back to life would turn around and teach me and nurture me in my own ways as we both grew together.  Less than a week into rescuing this sweet sweet puppy that I adored so much I finally picked out a name and that was.... Maple Mae!

 I chose ‘Maple’ for more reasons than just one. Firstly, Maple had a velvet black coat with a beautiful copper shade to her tan spots.  I especially loved the expressive pumpkin seed eyebrows she had, it was fun to watch them as she was learning giving new facial expressions.  The shade of her tan reminded me of the rich colors fall.  

Secondly, Fall is a beautiful time of year.  The freshness of starting over in a new season brings me life and the crisp colors of nature; russet red, amber, vivid yellows, scarlet, crimson, maroon, auburn.  And my all time favorite species of fall change trees are Maple Trees (of all sorts!). This story is how ‘Sweet Maple’ came about.  Maple has been with me through literally everything; my first long term relationship breakup, graduation, working 3rd shift at the factory, buying my dream vehicle, getting married, birthing my first child, divorce, moving, the death of my puppy, starting my career and business, a literal pandemic, and the happy life we’re experiencing now.  


‘Living’. Living with my sweet Maple Mae is pretty SWEET but I wanted the meaning to go even deeper!  I have always had a passion for decor and the place you live in making it a home.  When I first had the idea of making a blog it wasn’t because you can make money or get following, I honestly could care less, what I DID care about was being in a place where I was happy and comfortable and be able to share that passion with others.  Whether it was my creations in the shop, my knowledge of horticulture, passion for DIY’s on a budget, decorating a space in your dwelling to make it homey, sharing beauty products that have changed my routine, or even sharing motherhood victories and struggles as my sweet babe Waylon grew.  I wanted to make this space a place where people came to get inspired, feel comfortable and hopefully be able to take something away from.  

This is the simple yet complicated narrative of how the birth of Sweet Maple Living came about.  And we have excitingly grown so much already, starting at only creating blog posts to now offering my own creations in shop!  We can’t wait to see what Sweet Maple Living has in store for the future.  


Sophia & Maple Mae  


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  • Sophia, I love this! This is awesome so keep doing what you do 😊

    Angela Helton

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