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Word Of The Year?? GROWTH

Growth. 🌱

When 2021 started I didn’t plan to have a word of the year. I have so many goals and plans that are scattered across the board, it’s hard to pinpoint one single word to group them all together. But yet... the word “growth” keeps coming to me.

I am a strong believer that if you’re not growing, you’re just stagnant. And it’s okay to be stagnant sometimes just like nature settles for the winter season to then become very fruitful in the spring/summer seasons.

2020 was a year of planting A LOT of seeds. A new chapter or a fresh slate, if you will... It has come to my attention that the ground work I put in the past year has provided the most fertile soil for GROWTH. Literally and figuratively.

I finally know my roots are deep enough to grow my dreams, plans and aspirations... even ME! I am forever appreciative of this community that cheers me on and provides so much of the sunshine ☀️ that I need daily!

I am full of confidence and passion to take on this new meaning of “GROWTH”.

Do you have a “word of the year”?

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