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Sweet Maple Living’s Snow Cream Recipe

I have fond memories growing up as a child of the pure bliss my brother, sister and I had when we turned on the porch light before bed to find that there was SNOW!  Back in the day the snow storms were much more intense and when it snowed you were basically snowed in for days. During that time we would go out to play on the back acres and go sledding down the biggest hill we could find, throw snowballs and make snow angels. Afterwards we would strip our snow filled clothes and boots off at the back door and momma would make us comfort food. I remember I would often request her Mac and cheese and afterwards we would make snow cream. 

Here we are in the beginning of 2021 and I am getting to share these same memories with Waylon and Kain in our cozy home in my hometown and get to play with them on our back acres and find the BIGGEST hillside to sled down. 

Tonight we had the biggest snow within the past year so we took advantage of it and went sledding in the dark. Both of the kiddos schools are even closed tomorrow due to the weather.  It was SO much fun!  Afterwards we came inside and made some delicious snow cream and I just had to share the recipe I came up with Incase you too, got a huge load of snow! 


-8 cups of fresh snow

-1/2 cup sugar

-2 teaspoons of maple extract 

-1 cup of milk 


-Add all of the ingredients into a blender or mix by hand if you choose. And simply serve immediately. It’s that easy! Keep in mind this is real snow so it will melt accordingly. 

XOXO, Sophia

Sweet Maple Living 


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