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1/2 Hog Share - Pasture Raised Pork

1/2 Hog Share - Pasture Raised Pork

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Indulge in the mouth-watering flavors of our Kentucky Proud, heritage breed, 1/2 Hog Share - Pasture Raised Pork. Secure your hog now to enjoy the benefits of locally sourced, humanely raised pork.

Limited availability, order today! Approximate butcher dates will be provided via email upon purchase. Pricing includes "farm to table" service - butchering, processing, shrink packaging, and pickup availability at agreed pickup location. 

ADD ONS: (can be charged for after purchase)
- If you would like sliced hams back $15 additional processing fee (Many choose hams to be ground for extra sausage)
-Liver $5

**Extras Bundle (can only be added on WHOLE hogs as most of these cuts do not come in 2 packages to split on half hog - cuts can be purchased individually from shop) : Kidneys, Heart, Liver, Neck Bones, Pork Bones, Bacon Pieces $80 additional fee

220 lb. Whole Hog Example (without hams sliced nor extras bundle - divide by 2 to get an idea of half hog returns):
- 24 Packs of 2 Bone In Pork Chops
- 4 Packs of Spare Ribs
- 4 Boston Butt Roasts
- 30 Packs of Sausage 
- 11 Packs of Bacon
- 3 Packs of Jowl
- 4 lbs of Picnic Ham

A general rule for freezer space is you need 1 cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 lbs of meat. For reference, milk crates are slightly more than a cubic foot.
Half hog=3.5 cubic foot
Whole hog=7 cubic foot. 

Please assure you have enough freezer space prior to purchasing as once butchered we cannot hold your order.  

Delivery is also an option locally within reasonable distance of Shelby County, KY - please inquire via email at - shipping is not available at this time!