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Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint DIY Chalkboard

We are at it again!  If you remember in October I introduced my Blog to Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint 🎨 while doing a kitchen table renovation.  If you missed out on that project and want to learn more about Milk Paint you can click here to read about it! 

With this current project completed just this past week, I turned an antique picture frame 🖼 that I purchased at our local Goodwill store for $5, some Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, Rust-oleum Brass Spray Paint and 1/4 inch Plywood into our very own DIY Chalkboard to hang in our main entrance hallway above the pew.  

I have had this project vision in my mind for quite some time since purchasing this home actually, however sometimes other projects come beforehand and that’s totally okay! It was the perfect project to work on while staying cozy at home during the snow days.  Speaking of that, have you had any snow ❄️ where you live??

Above, is a picture of the frame as is when I purchased it from Goodwill.  As you can see it had a replication painting in the frame as well as the frame had a matte burgundy lining on it.  Firstly, we removed the picture from the frame.  I originally had hopes of painting over that material and using it as the chalkboard backing but turned out it was more of a paper material and I was afraid it wouldn’t last long term.  

Next up, we purchased a sheet of 1/4 inch plywood at Lowes and cut it to fit the frame, same size as the previous picture.  This same day we also spray painted the picture frame to be completely Brass with a rust-oleum spray paint.  I am very pleased with the color provided by that spray paint.  

I then got to work on painting the surface of the plywood insert with the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in shade “Typewriter”.  This shade as mentioned in my Instagram Stories reminds me of an “antique black”, it is not full on tuxedo black but more of a Iron shade with a smidge of grey to it.  I like the look as it gives a more realistic look to old school black chalkboards.  Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint also has a great tutorial on their Instagram on how to mix their paints to get the old school green color if that’s what you prefer.  

Using this milk paint you mix the powder to a 1:1 ratio with simply, WATER! It really is that easy!  You can apply as little or as many coats as you prefer.  I like that about this paint, the use of it is really up to your preference. 

Before mounting the chalkboard to the frame to hang I wanted to assure I seasoned the chalkboard really good.  How and why do you season a chalkboard? You may ask.  I had the same questions before I started doing DIY’s but with a little research it all made perfect since to me.  Do you know how some chalkboards will hold the words you write on them faintly on the surface? Kind of like ghost words always lingering behind.  Yeah, that’s bad! And what exactly you will avoid by seasoning your chalkboard before its first use.  

To season a chalkboard you simply need a white piece of chalk and a rag.  Rub the chalk all over your board, up and down, side to side, make sure the surface is covered fully.  This assures you don’t miss any spots!  Once this is complete it will be a dusty mess, take an old rag and wipe the chalk off.  I personally needed to shake my rag out a few times to get the excess chalk off as it kept smearing around. Once you season your chalkboard it will look dusty and a shade brighter, but this is good news.  You are now prepared to use this chalkboard for all of your desires without having to worry about the dreaded chalkboard ghost lettering.  Long story short, what seasoning a chalkboard does for you is applies a thin layer of chalk dust to the board evenly so when you write or draw on the surface the hard chalk line you apply wont soak into the surface as you have that barrier layer of chalk already there.  

As you can see the plywood we cut and painted fits perfectly into the frame.  We secured the plywood with staples and then applied back the string hanger that was on the frame originally.  You can attach the plywood with small nails or clips as well.  

Decorating this space is something I hope to do for many holidays going forward.  As this space is a fun space for all of us and a everyday thoroughfare to get from room to room.  Why not spice it up with a little holiday magic!?

I hope these tips help you while completing your very own DIY’s! 

XOXO, Sophia
Sweet Maple Living 

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